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Geelong Dental Group - Sedative Dentistry

Sedative Dentistry

At Geelong Dental Group, we understand that sometimes visiting a dentist can make you nervous or even cause anxiety. We will ensure to make you feel as calm and relaxed as possible when you visit our practice.

Therefore, we have nitrous oxide (happy gas) available for our patients to ensure a pleasant treatment experience this is also known as sedative dentistry. Many people have the belief that happy gas might make them do or say something embarrassing, but this is not the case at all.

Furthermore, Nitrous Oxide is scientifically proven to be safe to use on both adults and children, thus please note that you will retain consciousness during the whole procedure.

Please inform our friendly staff member at Geelong Dental Group if you require sedative dentistry when you call for your appointment.

More About Sedative Dentistry

To ensure a pleasant treatment experience for our patients who have severe anxiety when visiting a dentist, we have Nitrous Oxide which is also known as happy gas available.

The two main effects of sedative dentistry (nitrous oxide) are to eliminate pain and also to induce a pleasant relaxed feeling. To administer a desired level of Nitrous Oxide, a cannula will be placed on your nose where you can simply breathe in and let the gas take effect.

It is odourless and does not cause any irritation to your airway system. The calm and relaxed feeling will only last for the time which the cannula is placed on your nose which will be the duration of your dental treatment. When treatment is completed and the cannula removed, the euphoric (happy) feeling will wear off within the maximum of two minutes which allows you to drive and proceed with your daily activities.

Many of our patients inform us that they experience a feeling of complete relaxation during sedative dentistry which resembles the feeling they have after a long massage session.

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